When the COVID pandemic began, everyone found themselves in some type of isolation. Even those who did not take part in the lockdown had limited access to many conveniences. Those who did adhere to the lockdown found themselves pretty isolated.

Having lived in my suburb of Austin for 20+ years, I have gotten to know quite a few entrepreneurs, and during 2020 many of them suddenly found themselves without an income. Those I know who work in non-profits found that there was an even greater need for support, and still others I know decided to start new projects.

I started an interview series borne out of a desire to keep people connected despite isolation.

Small Business Owners

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People Helping People

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Three years later, in spring 2023, the interviews resume by popular demand. While the intention is to check back in with those I talked to in 2020, I also want to have an opportunity to talk to business owners and organizations I did not connect with back then, or those which opened up during or after the first wave of the pandemic. Please let me know if you or someone you know would like to be considered by filling out this form.