4 Things a First Time Renter Needs to Know

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[embed]https://youtu.be/kSM2ouv4HAI[/embed] 4 Things a first-time renter needs to think about are: Budget The Lease Honesty Renter's Insurance Figure out your budget As I said last week, you are responsible for more than just rent, PLUS there are often additional expenses and deposits when you move in. To Move In: Application fee, lease security deposit, pet deposit, first month’s rent, possibly deposits for electricity, gas, cable, phone, and internet. Some apartments may have a fee for parking especially if you want to park in a garage or a covered space near your front door. Also, if you’re coming from your bedroom at your parent’s house, you will need furniture, lamps, dishes, silverware, towels, cleaning supplies, soap, shower curtains, trash cans, toilet paper, and the list goes on. You might even need…
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Top 7 Things to Know Before Moving out of your Parent’s House

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[embed]https://youtu.be/3GRiqUiKi5I[/embed] You’re done with high school, possibly about to graduate from college, and you want to get a place of your own… possibly with roommates. Whether your folks prepared you for it or not, it’s likely that you have no clue how costly living on your own can be. EVEN IF you have roommates to share the expenses! With a little bit of planning, and a checklist like this one, you can get yourself started on the right foot. Most young adults look forward to renting, but most of these steps can also get you well on the road to purchasing a home. One of the major influencers on setting a foundation for a successful first-time lease application process is showing the prospective landlord that they are making a good…
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