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Tax Appraisals vs. Lender Appraisals

This time of year, there is a lot of discussion about APPRAISALS.  There are two types of appraisals that we generally talk about when we are focused on home ownership: Tax appraisals and Lender appraisals. Because property tax bills tend to arrive in our mailboxes in the spring, the question ‘Why is my house value so high?’ or ‘Why is my house value so low?’ is common come April. Then, when going through the process of buying a house, the Lender Appraisal comes into question. So which is which, and do we want either of them to be higher or lower than what we think our house is valued at?

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Homeowner’s Guide for People Who Live in the Real World, part 3

7 Simple Home Remodeling Strategies for the Easily Overwhelmed A remodel should be joyful — not stressful. Which stresses you out more? The mere thought of adding a bathroom (so many contractors, so many unknowns, and you’re too busy already!) or fighting for Monday-morning mirror time for all eternity? If it feels like a toss-up, you’re not …

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8 Dirty Secrets in Your Home

Steel yourself: We help you expose — and purge — your home’s dirtiest little secrets. In denial about the crud that’s festering in the nooks and crannies of your home? The maintenance and cleaning pros we talked to say these eight jobs are among the grossest — and among the most important. One job could even …